• W series wheeled wall climbing robot
    1. It is suitable for the rust and paint removal operations on the arc surface of the ship side, the vertical large plane, and the plane of the bottom of the ship.
    2. Medium-sized load, two types of cleaning trays are available, can be equipped with a vision system for automatic operation, and the rust removal efficiency is high.
    3. It is suitabl...
  • W series wheeled wall climbing robot
    1. It is suitable for the operation of removing rust and paint on the bottom of the ship and the side of the ship and cleaning the sea oysters.
    2. Medium-sized load, suitable for point hitting, swing arm cleaning, high degree of intelligence, and good surface adaptability.
  • Ex series explosion-proof wall climbing robot
    1. It is suitable for the rust and paint removal operations in the explosive environment of Zone II, such as the inner and outer walls of petrochemical tanks.
    2. Medium-sized load, high degree of intelligence, good surface adaptability, and can be operated remotely outside the tank.
    3. The explosion-proof design is adopted, and the safety is high...
  • T series crawler wall climbing robot
    1. It is suitable for large-area rust and paint removal operations on the large vertical plane of the ship outer plate.
    2. Heavy load, high degree of intelligence, manual remote control, and automatic work combined with vision.
    3. It is suitable for large, medium and small docks and dock operation scenarios to improve dock turnover rate.
  • H series semi-automatic equipment
    1. It is suitable for the large vertical plane and large curved surface of the outer plate of the ship in the dock, and the cleaning operation of spotting and rust removal.
    2. The operation is simple, easy to get started, three cleaning plates are available to choose from to adapt to different scenarios.
    3. Use with high-altitude vehicles, cost-e...
Mature Technology
The first domestic enterprise that combines ultra-high pressure water rust removal and cleaning technology with robot technology to provide overall cleaning solutions and successfully applied to the green rust removal and cleaning of ships and petrochemical storage tanks and wind tower blade deicing industries.
Product Cost-effective
Basically realize the localization of robot cleaning technology. Compared with foreign products, the comprehensive cost of equipment use is low, which greatly improves the profitability of customers.
Guaranteed Service
The company established a professional after-sales maintenance team, and established Qingdao and Zhoushan branches. 7×24 hours remote guidance or door-to-door solution to product problems, eliminating customers worries.
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About AKA Robotics
AKA Robotics
Shenzhen AKA Robotics Technology Co., LTD. was established in February 2017. The founding team was derived from a team of experts in the robotics research field of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company currently has 6 senior engineers, and the number of staff with a master degree or above accounts for 50% of the company total number. In 2020, it will obtain tens of millions of level financing.

The company specializes in R&D, production, sales and transfer services of special robots, intelligent equipment and other technologies. At this stage, it is mainly committed to the product development and manufacturing of wall-climbing robots...
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