AKA Robotics launched the WallHiker® W-02 Pro wall climbing robot.

According to data from the Ministry of Transport, the capacity of China's shipping fleet in 2020 is 310 million deadweight tons, ranked second in the world, and gets nearly 94% increase compared to data in 2015 which was 160 million tons. The scale of shipping capacity not only provides an important support for China's international trade, but also provides opportunities for the shipbuilding industry. Therefore, de-rusting and cleaning business is important in ship building industry and ship repairing industry.

With the development of technology, ship de-rusting and cleaning robots have emerged, which provides convenience for major shipyards to reduce dust pollution, improve working efficiency and dock’s turnover rate.

There are many disadvantages in the rust removal and cleaning robots on the market now. For example, when cleaning the ship surface with severe corrosion, or paint with high viscosity, or vulnerable paint, the residue would easily enter the interior of the brush, which may result in poor sealing of the machine, difficulty in sewage recycling. The problems would make water-jet blades getting stuck which may reduce working efficiency. To solve these difficulties, AKA Robotics has launched an upgraded version of the WallHiker® W-02 Pro wall-climbing robot.

WallHiker® W-02 Pro wall-climbing robot has the following advanced features: The cleaning plate utilizes modular design, and water-jet blades would not get stuck even in the situation of large pieces of paint or rust residue in the plate; the diameter of the drain outlet is enlarged by 30% to ensure smooth drainage; the brush and its supporting elastic floating mechanism are external, which extends the service life of the robot and reduces the maintenance cost greatly.

“Green mountains and clear water are equal to mountains of gold and silver”. AKA Robotics will persist in the concept of green development, invest more independent and innovative R&A, and offer more products to meet the different needs of the market!
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