Congratulations to AKA Robotics

On February 24, 2023, Shenzhen AKA Robotic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AKA Robotics") won the “Top Ten Fast-growing Robotic Enterprise in 2022” Award and “Top Ten Industrial Application Case in 2022” Award at Shenzhen Robotics Association 2023 Membership Conference.

The conference was sponsored by Shenzhen Robotics Association and Shenzhen New Generation Information and Communication Industry Cluster. Leaders of relevant government departments, experts from colleges and universities, representatives of more than 400 robotics and intelligent manufacturing companies, discussed new technologies, new opportunities, and new scenarios for the development of intelligent robots. The conference fully integrated robotic technology and industrial resources to help the high-quality development of the robotic industry.

AKA Robotics will continue to persist in the concept of "Green world, Safe Work", keep up with market changes, adhere to technology innovation, concentrate on developing new products, and continue to develop the domestic and overseas markets!
AKA official website has been renewed and launched
AKA Robotics was selected as the first batch of High Growth Enterprise club
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